I’m a native daughter of South Charlotte, raised during an era of the Queen City when Eastland Mall was a gem, Saturday afternoons at Queens Park were a treat and the possibility was abundant. As a poor African American girl reared in public and low-income housing, I’ve experienced housing instability and food insecurity throughout my childhood that so many Charlotte residents are facing in 2022. Yet, if one were to tell me the possibility of improving my desired outcomes barely existed based on my location in the city, I would have rebuked that notion. I was hopeful, encouraged to reach higher, and keenly believed possibility could become reality.

My CMS education armed me with the appropriate knowledge and skillset to successfully navigate through a dual BS Degree in Electrical Engineering and Cinema Studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a Master of Fine Arts in Cinema Studies from New York University’s The Tisch School, and an MBA from Harvard Business School. I desperately want the concept of achievement to resonate for all Charlotte residents, regardless of what side of the city they call home, regardless of their location on the economic mobility ladder.

As detailed in the Growth Factors Report, Charlotte is a destination of choice. Daily, new families and young professionals call Charlotte home. Companies establish outposts here, looking for workforce pipeline, tech talent, safe neighborhoods, and good schools.

Simultaneously, existing city residents are seeking the same opportunity for pathways to employment, advancement, and lead thriving lives. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I know first-hand the value of equitable opportunity in the workplace and community as critically important aspects for Charlotte to truly be inclusive and diverse.

The ten goals of the Comprehensive 2040 Plan are robust and position Charlotte to be a city that addresses the needs of all residents, native and new. I’m positive that Charlotte can meet the challenge and want to help usher the city through continued success while keeping its soul and charm intact.

I bring the experience of having worked and lived in various metropolitan areas including the northeast and southern regions of the country. I’ve spent professional and personal time in several cities on Charlotte’s Peer City list and have been a global citizen of the international business community. I firmly believe my professional skills & experience, insight, civic engagement, and tribal knowledge of being a native Queen City resident can uniquely help to advance City Council’s key focal objectives.